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What is the new USB Wi-Fi dongle?

The USB Wi-Fi Dongle allows you to connect to the Wi-Fi Connection directly through the Set Top Box using a plug and play method. This eliminates the need to stretch long wires across the room.

How do I buy the USB Wi-Fi dongle?

You can call up the Tata Sky customer care centre and request for the device. Our installer will come over to your home and set-up the device for you.

What do I pay for the installation?

The USB Wi-Fi dongle will be priced at Rs 300. No installation charges apply.

What is the warranty on the USB Wi-Fi dongle?

There is a one month warranty for the USB Wi-Fi dongle and for any failure, the device will be replaced.

What happens after the warranty period is over?

After the warranty period in case of any issues, the customer will have to purchase a new USB Wi-Fi dongle.

Is the USB Wi-Fi dongle available in all cities where Tata Sky is present?

No. Currently, the USB dongle is available only in Mumbai & Delhi. Shortly it will be made available in other cities across India.

Will we be selling the old Ethernet Wi-Fi dongle also till stocks last?

Yes. The the old Ethernet Wi-Fi dongle will also be sold till stocks last.

At what price will we be selling the old Ethernet Wi-Fi dongle?

We will be selling the old Ethernet Wi-Fi dongle at Rs 300 which is the same price as the USB Wi-Fi dongle.

What are the technical specifications of the USB Wi-Fi dongle?

2x2 Dual Antenna. Works on 2.4 Ghz and 5.8 Ghz. Speed upto 300 MBPS, depending upon internet download speeds. Manufactured by WNC, China.

Can I use the USB Dongle with other devices?

No. The USB Dongle can only be used with Tata Sky+ HD set top box.

What is USB Wi-Fi dongle Solution?

Tata Sky has recently launched the Video On Demand (VoD) service for its Tata Sky+ HD customers. This service allows subscribers access to a large video library of movies, TV shows, concerts and other content. To access the VoD service, the subscriber needs to connect his STB to a broadband connection. So far, the subscriber could connect the STB to the home broadband by stretching an Ethernet cable from the STB to his home Wi-Fi router. However, a long wire stretching across the living room spoils the aesthetics of the home and hence many subscribers were unwilling to connect their boxes. USB Wi-Fi dongle solution resolves this issue.

USB Wi-Fi dongle takes the Ethernet cable into the box & gives Wi-Fi signals out. This device connects to the STB with a small Ethernet cable of about 3-4 inches. The device has a Wi-Fi capability and hence connects directly with the home Wi-Fi router. This eliminates the need to stretch long wires across the living room.

How do I buy USB Wi-Fi dongle and what do I pay for its installation?

You can call up the Tata Sky customer care centre and request for the device. Our installer will come over to your home and set-up the device for you. The Tata Sky price for this solution is Rs 300. No installation charges apply.

The customer can also purchase USB Wi-Fi dongle or any other Ethernet based Wi-Fi device from the open market. In that case Tata Sky will undertake the installation of the device but will not guarantee its performance.

What is the warranty on USB Wi-Fi dongle? Is this a part of the Tata Sky STB warranty?

USB Wi-Fi dongle is not covered as a part of the STB warranty issued by Tata Sky. The warranty on the device is provided directly by the manufacturer, Netgear, for a period of one year

If there is a problem with the Netgear device, what should I do? Will Tata Sky resolve the issue?

No. Tata Sky will not be responsible for repair/manufacturing defects of USB Wi-Fi dongle.

You will need to visit the Netgear service centre for any issue related to the device.

I have requested the call centre for installation of the device. How do I pay for the device?

You will need to pay Rs 300 directly to the installer who visits your home for installation. The installer will issue a receipt for the same.

I have requested the call centre for installation of the device. How do I prepare for the installation?

Keep your Wi-Fi password handy, that's it! The installer will manage the rest.

Is USB Wi-Fi dongle available in all cities where Tata Sky is present?

No. Currently USB Wi-Fi dongle, provided by Tata Sky, is available only in these cities-

  1. Mumbai
  2. New Delhi
  3. Bangalore
  4. Pune
  5. Chennai
  6. Hyderabad
  7. Kolkata
  8. Ahmedabad

Where are USB Wi-Fi dongle Service centers?


What is the cost of wiring for connecting the Tata Sky+ HD box and the internet in my home?

- Wiring to the box will be free of cost for both existing and new/ upgrade customers.
- No additional charges for materials.
- No service visit cost for existing customers who request for ethernet wiring to box.
- This offer is valid for a limited period only.

If I have two Tata Sky+ HD boxes do I need to wire both boxes to the internet?

If you would like to enjoy the Video on Demand service on both boxes; you will need to wire both.

What should be the minimum speed that my internet connection should support?

For the best VoD experience, we recommend speeds of 512 kbps or above

Will this service work with all Internet Service Providers?

It will work with most internet service providers

Will this work with a USB modem like Tata Photon etc?

No. Currently, we support ethernet connections only

I have wi-fi in my house. Can I avail of the Video on Demand service?

- If your wi-fi modem has an ethernet port, you can avail the service.
- You will need to connect the modem and the Tata Sky+ HD box with ethernet cable.
- You can do it yourself or call a Tata Sky Installer to do this for you.

My wiring has been done. How do I know my box is connected to the internet

- Ensure your internet connection is powered on
- Switch on your Tata Sky+ HD
- Press organiser on your remote> system settings> IP diagnostics screen
- Look for IP connection status- Successful/ Failed
- Press the green button your remote to do an IP diagnostic test
- If the status is Connected/ Successful your box is connected to the internet

Will the download be free of cost?

- Catch Up TV service is available free of cost.
- For all paid content, the price of the video (movies, concerts, TV shows etc) will be displayed along with with information / storyline of the video you wish to download
- You will need to pay for data charges as per the rate applicable by your internet service provider if you are on limited plan.

How long will it take to download a video?

Depends on the internet connection speed to surf or download; if you are using the internet on your computer simultaneously. Download may be slower

What is the average file size of a movie?

Less than 1 GB for 1 hour of content

Which TV shows are currently offered as a part of the VoD service?

Top shows from Channel V, Colors, NDTV 24x7, NDTV India, NDTV Profit, Sony, Sab, Star Plus and UTV Stars.

Will the downloaded shows have TV ads?

Yes. The episodes will be shown exactly like you watch them on TV

How many days episodes will I be able to see in the listings?

You will be able to see listings of the last 5 days episodes for daily shows

What happens if there is a power cut?

If you had set a programme for download, it will resume download from the same place once the power is back

I have put a video for downloading but it was not successful. Why?

Failed downloads usually occur due to poor download speeds or perhaps frequent power cuts. Please re-start download once again

The video I had downloaded is not showing in the download manager

All downloaded videos have an expiry. This is displayed in the download manager. Once the content has expired it will no longer be listed in download manager

For how long will a downloaded video be valid?

Check expiry date in download manager

How do I manually stop a download?

- Go to download manager, press yellow to pause
- Press yellow again to resume download

Can I choose all the videos I want to download at one go?

Yes. The videos will get queued for download

How many videos can I queue/ set for download?

- The download manager can list up to 25 videos at any given time
- The list is a combination of downloaded, downloading, queued, paused and failed downloads

How do I know if the video is in SD or HD format?

- HD videos are very heavy to download
- Keeping broadband speeds across the country in mind, currently we offer videos in SD only

Can I set a movie to download through the Tata Sky self care section

No. You can set downloads on the box only

Can I pre-set a start time for the download?

No. You will need to manually start download at desired time

Can I download two movies simultaneously?

No. You can download only one movie at a time. You can Q the other movies so that they download automatically one after another

Can I cancel a download if I decide I don't wish to watch it?

Yes. Go to download manager. Highlight the video and press the red button to delete it

Can I view a trailer of the episode before downloading?

No. We are currently not offering this facility

Do I need to keep my box and TV on while downloading?

Your TV can be off. The box should be in power on/ stand by mode. The main power connection to the box should be on

Will my parental lock settings be implemented across downloaded content?

Yes. At the time of playback you will be requested for a password.

Can I download a movie and record 2 shows simultaneously on the Tata Sky+ HD box?

Yes. The download process will not affect any of the functions of the Tata Sky+ HD

If I have two Tata Sky+ HD boxes that are connected to the internet; can I download different content on both boxes?


Once the video is downloaded will it affect the space available for recording on the Tata Sky+ HD box?

- Yes. The hard disk on the Tata Sky+ HD box will be used up for all recordings from TV channels in addition to downloads from the VoD service.
- Please delete viewed content regularly to ensure that you have enough space to record and download.

I am a Mega Pack subscriber; get 12 Showcase Titles free. Will these downloads be counted as one of the free movies?

Downloads from the Video on Demand catalogue will be counted among your 12 free Showcase Titles.

I have not connected my box to the internet. Why cant I see VoD listings? I could see them before

The old VoD content has expired. We will soon push fresh content on to your hard disk

Why cant I keep downloaded Catch Up TV content for as long as I wish? I can keep the same episodes however long if I record it from TV

Our arrangement with broadcasters/ channel owners requires us to allow usage of downloaded video on demand content for a limited period

My box is not connected right now how can access my downloaded content ?

Go to plan and select download manager to view downloaded content